ALBUM REVIEW: Feed Me Violence – Evil Invaders

EVIL INVADERS have had a very productive year thus far, playing the inaugural Heavy Scotland festival, Motorcultur Open Air and Alcatraz Festival amongst many other appearances and September 29th will see them release their second full length release entitled Feed Me Violence via Napalm Records.

The Belgian four piece have become rapidly renowned for their tantalising bursts of ferocious speed metal and Feed Me Violence propels their musicianship up another level. First single and opening track Mental Penitentiary immediately springs into life with incendiary riffing and an undeniably vintage thrash metal sound brought up to date with razor sharp production. Every level of instrumentation shines through as the clinically energetic drumming combines with intense shredding and a rapid vocal delivery courtesy of frontman Johannes Van Audenhove.

Before you know it you are welcomed with a barrage of screaming guitars and earth shattering drum work in the shape of As Life Slowly Fades. The level of technicality on show is phenomenal as sweeping solo’s aplenty are expertly executed with ease. Brief interlude Suspended Animation provides a quirky, distorted tone which wouldn’t feel out of place on a black metal album before quickly transitioning into the fist pumping, adrenaline rush of Broken Dreams In Isolation which superbly shows the diversity of the band, displaying they can create huge anthemic riffs with a slower tempo when required and it provides one of the highlights of the album with a captivating appeal very reminiscent of KING DIAMOND.

The shift in pace is short lived as title track Feed Me Violence fires up all cylinders possessing a huge energy and an abundance of blistering riffs which sound utterly vicious but incredibly irresistible. Oblivion proceeds with a beautifully crafted segment of guitar work that isn’t particularly complex in construction but it is captivating to experience before business resumes and the 80’s thrash vibe returns in full force.

As the album draws closer to its conclusion Shades Of Solitude provides a bit of respite with some calming bass lines and impressively immersive solo work swiftly launching into the almost punk-like riffing of Anger Within before the dark and evil tones generated in Among The Depths Of Sanity most certainly leave a lasting impression concluding Feed Me Violence on a frenetic high.

Thrash/speed metal bands seem to get a reputation for being a bit of a ‘one trick pony’ but this is certainly not the case with EVIL INVADERS. The tempo may be relatively consistent but the variance in styles showcased is jaw dropping and their energy levels are simply awe inspiring. When some bands considered to be on the top of the pile are becoming too complacent and particularly stagnant Feed Me Violence really elevates EVIL INVADERS¬†through the ranks providing a fresh injection of adrenaline into the genre. Their arrangements and levels of experimentation are infectious, inviting and get your blood flowing proving for a very enjoyable experience. EVIL INVADERS will certainly be up there with the big hitters and a name on everyone’s lips when 2017 comes to a close.


Rating: 9/10

Feed Me Violence - Evil Invaders

Feed Me Violence is set for release on September 29th via Napalm Records.

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