Cynic have broken up. Maybe…


WORDS: David Creamer

CYNIC are a great band. There is no doubt about that, what more could you want really? Progressive elements, ex members of death, striking melodies, fretless bass guitar and did I mention ex members of DEATH? Didn’t think so. Now it’s not surprising that many musical projects often get into tiffs from time to time and often find themselves disbanding, only to be reunited back together with a new found passion and a willingness to push things aside and to push forth making records and touring around the world to play for their adoring fans. In the case of CYNIC we have seen this before and it was saddening to hear. But then they came back and all was well. Putting extra emphasis on the words “was”.

If you haven’t already guessed from the title of this article, then it is with a heavy heart that you must be informed that unfortunately it’s gone and happened again. CYNIC have once again split up, with their facebook page (Sean Reinert being the poster) citing differences and a division between Paul Masdival and Sean Reinert. This is very unfortunate news, and it couldn’t have come at any more of a rotten timing indeed either, with impending tour dates looming over the head of CYNIC like an essay that you so desperately need to write but convince yourself you don’t need to do it today and will instead write tomorrow. Except this cannot be ignored, as Paul has taken to social media to express concerns on finding a new drummer to replace Sean for the upcoming tour dates. Paul has also expressed some other concerns which thickens the plot of this “war”, if you can even call it that.

A little while after CYNIC’s Facebook page announced that they were no more, Paul posted on his personal Facebook page that he had not known that this was this case, and had not even faced Sean with matters concerning splitting up the band. This alarmingly seems to be a repeated scenario amongst bands in this day and age, with social media being the main foreground for spats and break ups. It’s hard to imagine making such a drastic decision such as this without an intense discussion in person. But yes, it appears that Paul was none the wiser in this altercation. He also claimed that he had his rights to post on the official band’s page removed by none other than Sean too, preventing him from communicating to his fans through the page. Now here’s where things get tricky, because Sean then posted on the band’s official page saying he had not done so, accompanying his post with a screenshot showing both him and Paul as being admins (or whatever) that are capable of writing posts.

There is more information to come as of yet, with this online spat being quite bewildering, leaving only one thing for certain, that the future of CYNIC very uncertain at this moment of time.