THE ALCHEMY are a pop punk, modern rock band with spades of emotion and a bite of youth that drives home great musical performances. Focusing on the more chilled out vibes and synth-induced dancing than other similar bands out there, there is passion and energy to keep your attention.

Hot off the mark the four piece, consisting of Rhys Taylor (Vocals/Guitar), Luke Welch (Lead) Alex Porro (Bass), and Sam Ewen (Drums), came together in 2015 in Kent. Before long THE ALCHEMY had created a line-up of songs, ready for release in May. It is impressive how quickly the quartet have risen in the past year, and testament to how great their drive is with the music. For example, and quite impressively, the guys first single Modern Age, also the Title of the new EP, was played as the BBC Introducing track of the day, within hours of being uploaded.

Having played with the likes of THE INTERSPHERE and I AM GIANT, it was in fact Paul Mathews, bassist and producer who came through to produce the band’s first EP. With comparisons to bands such as YOUNG GUNS, YOU ME AT SIX and LOWER THE ATLANTIS, the rise of emotional chorus’ and issues within the lyrics of songs lends itself to the style of sound produced. Layered song writing is key here, and while that in itself makes the band worth your time, the elements of more synthesised music styles incorporated with Rock allows for maximum enjoyment. Having samples within the songs introduces a new dynamic to the scene, allowing for a new huge sound from one of best new bands to come out of 3015. With a tour upcoming within the next few months, those looking for richly dynamic Rock with a new edge should have a huge amount of fun at THE ALCHEMY’S shows.