ALBUM REVIEW: Beyond Repair – Blood Youth

Forming in 2015 from the ashes of former melodic hardcore band CLIMATES, hailing from Harrogate, BLOOD YOUTH have already received a rapturous response to their previously released EP’s entitled Inside My Head (which promptly lead to them being snapped up to feature at Download Festival) and 2016’s Closure and are now poised to unveil their first full length album Beyond Repair.

In our recent interview with frontman Kaya Tarsus he described that they wanted to “write an album where it feels like you are being beaten up while you are listening to it” and BLOOD YOUTH have done precisely that unleashing a relentless flurry of strikes which are sure to leave you in a daze.

BLOOD YOUTH waste little time kicking it into another gear from the opening bell with the Making Waves and very seldom wavers in its feverish intensity as it steamrolls through your senses. The band really seem to have found their calling combining the anthemic sing along choruses and neck jarring riffs courtesy of stringsman Chris Pritchard taking the best parts of bands like BEARTOOTH and A DAY TO REMEMBER combining them to devastating effect.

Whether it is the chunky bass riffs on the intro to I Remember or the sheer in your face brutality of Man Made Disaster (which is a shining example of the ferocity that BLOOD YOUTH have in their arsenal) there are plenty examples on display of their prowess, harnessing every instrument at their disposal to provide powerful waves of aggression at every turn and the swift emergence of Beyond Repair is a true testament to the studious work ethic and inspirational determination of a band that are in incendiary form and are ready to make that jump to the next level that they rightly deserve.

Rating: 8/10

Beyond Repair - Blood Youth

Beyond Repair is set for release on April 7th via Rude Records.

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