ALBUM REVIEW: CVLT [AS FVK] – Death Valley High

Californian four piece DEATH VALLEY HIGH have just released their follow up to 2013’s Positive Euth entitled CVLT [AS FVK] via Minus Head Records and you would be unwise to assume this is your run of the mill rock album.

The album is very unpredictable and refuses to be pigeonholed by jumping between raspy screams and catchy pop tinged choruses. It quickly becomes apparent that they have harnessed their sound from a plethora of influences. Imagine NINE INCH NAILS, MARILYN MANSON and ORGY thrown into a blender to create a very edgy, 80’s industrial vibe that sounds particularly abrasive in parts.

CVLT [AS FVK] especially finds its stride with the addictive hooks on display in standout track ICK SWITCH which is sure to be unshakably ingrained into your mind. Alongside the chilling atmosphere of GROEI DONKER (GROW DARK) and the punchy aggression of 12:13 (AS MANY FVKS) this is statement that the band have a lot of fire in their bellies and aren’t afraid to show their dark side.

The production is fulsome thanks to the contributions of metal/rock specialist Ulrich Wild (who has previously worked with industrial powerhouses such as STATIC X and WHITE ZOMBIE to name a few) resulting in a very impactful composition.

DEATH VALLEY HIGH may not bring much to the table in terms of game changing originality with a lot of bands on the circuit also providing a similar, quirky, industrial style offering but they certainly pack a punch. Currently on tour supporting KILLING JOKE they have clearly earned the respect of their peers and the eclectic pacing of CVLT [AS FVK] is sufficient to hook you in, get your head nodding and have you returning for another listen.

Rating: 6/10

CVLT [AS FVK] - Death Valley High

CVLT [AS FVK] is out now via Minus Head Records.

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