ALBUM REVIEW: Fangclub – Fangclub

With rousing songs, Dublin band FANGCLUB are rising meteorically. They’re the type of band who dazzle with sweat soaked tracks which have been mastered with breakneck guitar lines and purposeful vocals intertwining perfectly. Their music, is also original, not falling into the hands of imitation. And that’s always a great thing, when an act gets it right musically without having to replicate sounds to the note.

It’s not say that FANGCLUB haven’t been influenced by bands like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and even BIFFY CLYRO. They’re great outfits to learn from, bands popular in their own right. And that’s a point which should be explained, FANGCLUB are going to hit the mainstream, it’s inevitable.

The inevitability is great for an act powerfully thrusting themselves through the process of embarking on worldwide success. Well they have the songs and that fundamental likability, they have that rock charm. The self-titled album is a powerful monster, complete with buzz saw guitars and upbeat musicality. And there are moments when you will want to fall into these songs like a drunk, having the greatest time of his life.The songs are melodic, but not overly polished, which keeps them raw. There’s plenty of focus on the instrumentals too, with blistering arrangements and ferocious, uplifting choruses. This all stems from the band members incredible talents and meticulous attention to detail. If the record was a painting, a drawing, it would be striking and ultimately vivid.

Bullet Head starts the album off with volatility. The arrangements are wonderfully poised, destructive, and created with punch and fuzziness. It’s a glorious beginning. Dreamcatcher pounds and it’s a progressive contribution, with a beautifully created chorus. It’s yet again, powerful and stylish. Common Ground is powered by a wonderful guitar backdrop, stinging the tail of rock. It holds up to the rest of the songs on a record complete in its delivery. The chorus is something to admire. Loner naturally blooms as it progresses, totally guitar driven and fast-paced.

FANGCLUB have certainly earned their place as a band to watch. Their guitar driven music will lift you from your gloomy world, it will make you rock your head, and it will inspire you. And they’re a band which know how to shake up their sound, they know how to keep it riveting and unique, without straining the genre they find themselves in. Success beckons for this epic act.

Rating: 9/10

Fangclub - Fangclub

Fangclub is set for release on August 4th via Vertigo Records. 

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