ALBUM REVIEW: No One Can Save You From Yourself – Walls of Jericho

After a long awaited eight years, WALLS OF JERICHO are back with a bang with their fifth studio album, No One Can Save You From Yourself. The hardcore/metalcore band that has been established for nearly 20 years have taken two hiatuses from music but this was their longest one, meaning expectations are high for the bands return.

At the start of No One Can Save You From Yourself, the album sets itself for a heavy comeback, it is angry and it is breakdown galore but as the record continues, it begins to become repetitive, sadly something that can happen in the genre of music that WALLS OF JERICHO are part of.

Despite the fact it becomes repetitive, it does not take away the fact that the five-piece from Detroit have really put their foot down to make their return known. They have played a huge part in the metal scene and they proudly display that they haven’t forgot their roots, something that really stands out on the record, proving themselves to still be at the top of the game in the ever-growing hardcore/metalcore scene.

Forever Militant is one of the best examples on the album that the band still have exactly what they had before, an aggression like no other. The vocals of Candace Kucsulain are still as strong and as relentless than they ever was, showing that despite the eight year break from being WALLS OF JERICHO, she still certainly has it and so do the rest of the band. They have left very little space for mistakes with No One Can Save You From Yourself, repetition comes with the genre and whilst it is very noticeable on the album, it gets forgotten about when you feel the slam of the music hit you right in the face.

Cutbird is another prime example that makes you forget about that, it has a great blend of wanting to throw yourself into the nearest mosh pit but also makes you want to chant at the top of your voice along with the endearing chorus that holds some of the cleanest vocals on the album, apart from the beautiful, stunning vocals of closing track, Probably Will.

Alongside Cutbird, Anthem definitely lives upto the expectations of its name being the actual anthem of the album. It has the lyrics that are meant to be screamed back at the band, it has the power to make the entirety of WALLS OF JERICHO’s fan base chant and feel connected, something that they will value after being apart for so long.

The closing of No One Can Save You From Yourself, Probably Will, is the most powerful song on the entirety of the album. It completely withdraws away from the rest of the album, it almost sounds like it belongs to another band, but it is a beautifully placed song. It is powerful in the sense that throughout the album, everything has had a punch to it in the form of aggression, this has one in the form of a much sadder emotion. It certainly shows that WALLS OF JERICHO aren’t just talented in pulling off something that makes people go wild, they can create something that is far from what they know and that is talent.

Overall the album is repetitive yes, but noted once again that it comes with the genres territory. It does not take away the fact that this is a fantastic album from WALLS OF JERICHO, especially from Probably Will and the way it leaves you needing more. It is heavy and it is an album full of sheer attack. After eight years, No One Can Save You From Yourself shows that the Detroit five-piece show no signs of losing the capability of what they do best.

Rating: 9/10

Walls of Jericho

No One Can Save You From Yourself will be released March 25 via Napalm Records.

Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.