ALBUM REVIEW: Woe To The Vanquished – Warbringer

Back in 2013 the wheels of WARBRINGER almost completely derailed with several departures occuring that almost thwarted their touring plans. Fortunately they powered through with makeshift lineups including the return of  drummer Carlos Cruz. With the realm of thrash metal shining as brightly as a supernova so far in 2017 with KREATOR and HAVOK both releasing possibly their strongest albums of their careers to date Woe To The Vanquished had a very high standard to adhere to.

There were question marks as to whether WARBRINGER could pull of such a feat but defiantly they have delivered it in spades with an untouchable amalgamation of thrash, death and black metal all intertwined to culminate in one of the strongest records in recent memory.

History enthusiast and vocalist John Kevill has produced a lyrical masterclass with his infectious delivery throughout bellowing such captivating declarations as “an unseen hand, the voice of the liar, will bury the world under endless shellfire” and “the bombs not fallen yet, our world is still living, we still have a chance.”

Woe To The Vanquished is packed full of intricate, blisteringly paced riffs to accompany the political and war influenced sentiments. Guitarists Adam Caroll and newly recruited Chase Becker prove to be an insatiable match with their irresistible lead play particularly displayed in the slower paced but equally as savage Spectral Asylum and unrelenting opener SilhouettesWARBRINGER provide a little bit of everything with this album including an 11:11 minute epic (just to add an extra special layer of nostalgia to the World War 1 theme) in the form of When The Guns Fell Silent which begins with a chilling tribute to British poet Siegfried Sassoon flawlessly narrated by John Kevill himself. On the complete other side of the spectrum there is also the anthemic, head bang inducing Remain Violent which was destined to become a single.

It is really quite remarkable that despite all the unfortunate events that have befallen WARBRINGER over the last few years they have awoken from near extinction to valiantly announce their return with an album that has obviously been nurtured and cherished throughout its metamorphosis providing a comprehensive array of powerful, rapid tracks that will get your bloody pumping interlaced with such an intuitive conceptual prose that really grips you into the sentimentality behind each and every track. This is what will ensure that Woe To The Vanquished is ingrained in your memory for a long time to come.

Rating: 10/10

Woe To The Vanquished - Warbringer

Woe To The Vanquished is due to be released on March 31st via Napalm Records.

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