From Ashes To New Reveal Brand New Video ‘Lost And Alone’

FROM ASHES TO NEW have unveiled their latest music video!

Pennsylvanian alternative rockers FROM ASHES TO NEW reveal their brand new video for their anthem Lost and Alone. This was taken from their debut album Day One. Their album is fulled by the monotony of dead end jobs in an industrial town, this album creates a dynamic aural antidote to the modern life grind.

You can view Lost and Alone below:

“When we were recording the album, we were all holding down full time jobs,” explains vocalist Chris Musser

To put it bluntly, there’s a lot of ‘F**k you’ on this album,” expands co-vocalist Matt Brandyberry. “A lot of stuff about shitty relationships, about working hard for something and people telling you can’t do it, about never accepting that things are just ‘beyond you’. We’re not the cool band from LA or New York or any of those places, we’re six regular guys from a regular place but that is in our favor, not against us. We understand what it’s like.”


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