Cold Summer announce release date for new video

Leeds based post-hardcore band COLD SUMMER are working on a new music video for Car Crash (In Progress), the third single from their critically acclaimed EP Fight To Survive due for release November 4th.

The song describes how the state of the nation is, in their words, a car crash in progress, continuing the theme of world greed and corruption found throughout their entire EP. Their experimental melodic rock has been described as “a bitter sweet ambience with angst and raw passion from their punk and hardcore roots” which draws inspiration from a variety of places.

COLD SUMMER are a self-reliant band, having produced and released their first two EPs and a self titled album themselves. Furthermore, their album release tour was entirely self-booked alongside American rockers HE IS LEGEND. This approach has also secured tours with FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, MILK TEETH, SELF DEFENSE FAMILY, and more.

Directed and edited by Judd Wrighton, COLD SUMMER previously released their single A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire back in April. Check out the video below:

Fight To Survive is available for digital download on COLD SUMMER‘s Bandcamp page.

For more information on COLD SUMMER, like their official page on Facebook.