EP REVIEW – Victim to the Blade – Vulture

Speed metal is an interesting genre. Sitting somewhere between thrash and traditional metal and yet somehow also distinct from both, there are very few bands that can be given the label without much debate on if they deserve it or not. Fans of speed metal will rejoice then to hear that a new band has emerged who leave no doubt as to what they play. VULTURE like it fast and loud on their debut EP release, Victim to the Blade.

The opening track of the EP is titled Vulture and sets out exactly what this band is about. Beginning with the triumphant medley of the guitars and drums before seeming to wind up and release the speed, with a scream of pure old school metal over the top. The track races along with a riff sure to get necks moving and fists banging and refuses to let up for its entire length aside from a brilliant duel guitar solo mid-way through.

D.T.D. (Delivered To Die) is introduced by a synth led introduction before roaring into one of the catchy riffs the genre is known for. Certainly one of the highlights of this short EP. The high pitched shrieks that punctuate the vocal delivery are most noticeable and welcome here, as is the noticeable bass lines towards the end of the song.

The EPs title track, Victim To The Blade, doesn’t let up any of the pace of the previous two tracks and hurtles along stopping only for drum fills and the choruses shrieks. As with every track on offer the level of skill displayed by all members here, especially noticeable in the riffs and solos, is phenomenal. Closing off the album is a fast cover of Rapid Fire by JUDAS PRIEST. If you’d ever wondered what that song would sound like if the members had been determined to play as fast as they could you’d be in luck with this. A perfect cover that both maintains the spirit of the original while sounding unique enough to be noteworthy.

Despite only being three original songs and a cover long this EP is sure to put VULTURE squarely on the map for a lot of people. No compromise speed metal which showcases the perfect mixture of old school attitude on offer here and leave your rabidly wanting more. This is a band to watch for the future!

Rating 8/10

Vulture - Victims to the Blade

Victim to the Blade is set for release June 17 via HR Records.

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