Hate announce new album ‘Tremendum’

Polish blackened death metallers HATE have announced a brand new studio record!

The upcoming album, Tremendum, comes two years after 2015’s Crusade:Zero and is scheduled to be released in May. Alongside the announcement of the new album, the band have released the artwork and track list for the upcoming album, which is available to view below. Speaking about the artwork vocalist/guitarist Adam Buszko says “the drawing on the cover depicts a nighthawk (Polish: lelek), a nocturnal bird that was treated with great respect by Slavic tribes in pre-Christian times. Nighthawks were believed to bring souls to this world and take them away from dying people. In that case they gathered in big numbers screeching for long hours. So they were called “messengers of death”. As this album has different Slavic references, we chose Nighthawk as a symbol that best conveys its meaning.”

Track List:

1    Asuric Being
2    Indestructible Pillar
3    Svarog’s Mountain
4    Numinosum
5    Fidelis Ad Mortem
6    Into Burning Gehenna
7    Sea of Rubble
8    Ghostforce
9    Walk Through Fire
10    Hearts of Steel (Bonus Track)

Tremendum - Hate

Tremendum is set for release on May 5th via Napalm Records.

For more information on HATE, like their official page on Facebook.