INTERVIEW: Gaz Davies – Hometruths

With the release of their debut EP, Open Your Eyes, on the horizon, we had the chance to ask Gaz Davies of HOMETRUTHS some questions about the emerging hardcore outfit and why the reasons for starting the band remain the driving force for their creativity.

For those who don’t know you, how would you explain the HOMETRUTHS sound?

Gaz: We’ve recently been compared to bands such as WHILE SHE SLEEPS, BEARTOOTH and a couple of others. It’s hard to place ourselves in any specific genre, and we don’t plan to. There are a lot of hardcore aspects, big riffs and heavy grooves from start to finish.

What is the main objective of the band?

Gaz: The main objective of this band is to take real life issues that are happening everyday that may not be getting the attention they deserve and bring light to them. Everyday we are fed tailored stories of the truth that the media, politicians and religious figures choose to feed us. We want to deliver a clear, to-the-point message to anyone that is willing to listen.

What’s the main message you want to get across with Open Your Eyes?

Gas: There are a lot of issues going on in the world right now that the majority of people are completely oblivious to. Open Your Eyes was created to enlighten people of these issues and to not just accept what is considered acceptable.

What is it about hardcore do think makes the genre such a good vessel for delivering messages to the audience?

Gaz: As much as it is considered a music genre it is also a lifestyle and a state of mind. People involved in the hardcore community are extremely passionate about the music and welcome outward thinking, free speech and living against the grain of general society.

What was the moment that made you guys want to start HOMETRUTHS?

Gaz: Likeminded frustration. We wanted to start a project with the potential to make a difference, and something that has substance. As soon as HOMETRUTHS was formed, our intentions were set.

Who/what were the main inspirations for Open Your Eyes?

Gaz: Musically each member takes inspiration from a lot of different artists and a lot of different genres, however when it comes to lyrical content and our plan for Open Your Eyes I think our inspirations are quite clear. We’ve taken current world issues and written our music around them, each track makes a statement.

What do you think are the biggest issues people face nowadays?

Gaz: Themselves.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Gaz: Greed.

Do you think music can make a legitimate difference?

Gaz: I think music has always made a difference, a big example being the rise of Punk through the 70’s. I could talk about several bands and artists that have used music and their reach to make a difference and have their say, and these sort of artists have been a big inspiration during the establishment of HOMETRUTHS. I see music as a channel of communication, and directed properly with the right intentions it can definitely have an impact.

If you haven’t given them a listen, you should absolutely give HOMETRUTHS your time. They are a band with something to say and a carefully crafted and hard-hitting method of delivering that message. Despite only having an unreleased EP to their name, this band are brimming with talent, and it probably won’t be long before you see them on every line up and tour.

Open Your Eyes is set for release on March 3rd via CI Records.

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