Heralding from Norwich, LIGHTSCAPE is the formation of musical talent that thrives on fast pace, fresh and innovative melodies, thumping rhythms. Uplifting and inspiring music with a real feeling of passion and earnest playing, to create a triumph of modern Rock.

The band itself includes vocalist Will Overton, Sam Nichol and Ben Ashcroft on guitars, Christy Bullen on bass and James Nichol on Drums. Silky vocals, with some melodies and riffs that will give you tingles all over, and a rhythm section that levels a solid base for the whole band to work over.

It’s hard to believe that LIGHTSCAPE only formed in 2015, as the bands rock solid identity makes them feel like they’ve been together for many years more than this. One of the high selling points of that these guys have to offer is that they don’t put themselves in a box, but don’t make themselves too generic. A combination of Rock, Electronica, Post Hardcore, Indie and Funk to name a few genres that LIGHTSCAPE blend into their sound. Overall they make something that’s difficult to pin down, but might be akin to an amalgamation of YOU ME AT SIX, AWOLNATION, SHINY TOY GUNS and a lick of MUSE. Having so many reference points, anyone interested in seeing a band twists and expand upon their influences needs to check LIGHTSCAPE out.

Having a self-titled EP released at the beginning of 2016, the boys have only just begun their journey and already are making headways in their career. Having been spotted by BBC Introducing, and supporting LONLEY THE BRAVE, to name but a couple of achievements, they aren’t stopping there. This September 2nd, the bands second release, the three track EP For Present, For Past, yet another anthem filled release that only promises a brighter future to come for LIGHTSCAPE. A band with so much to offer, and a sound that is not only uplifting but open to so many directions, things can only be on the up.