INTRODUCING: Mark of 1000 Evils

It seems that the North is producing some great, diverse bands. One of the class acts coming out of this area is MARK OF 1000 EVILS. The trio is made up of Dan Donald, guitarist and vocals, Ben Ryder on drums and the recent addition of Phil Hope on bass. Each member clearly loves their music. Formed in 2010, the guys started picking up the paces last year with their EP Wired, a release of a few singles recently including Clarity and Immune, MARK OF 1000 EVILS show a clear field of music that ranges from paid back to hard hitting. Whichever angle you approach this band at, there’s surely something to your taste.

With vocals almost a mixture of SPANDAU BALLET and BREAKING BENJAMIN, and a great dynamic between the core instruments, the music rings open and clear. Alternative rock music has become much more fluid as time has gone on, and MARK OF 1000 EVILS are very much taking their influences from all angles. Striking tones with fans of DINOSAUR PILE UP and PULLED APART BY HORSES, this Stockport band have a great sound and bags of potential. There is an air of COLDPLAY in there for certain songs, (which isn’t a negative), in terms of potentially popularity- soaring riffs and great vocal performances. However, the heavier songs have a much more punk based feel.

While this is not offensive, aggressive music, yet the lyrics will strike a chord with those who understand the messages each song deliver. In addition to that, these tracks are a great mix of super catchy and real growers.

With new single Hopes and Codes released mid-November, now would be a great time for those of you interested in new music to get yourselves on board with MARK OF 1000 EVILS. If you’re looking to catch these guys live, then head on down to the Night & Day Café in Manchester on the 7th of January. Start your New Year right with a helping of new, alternative music!