MERGE are a band that can take a feeling and run with it, creating a scape of music that is not only hugely relatable but also a massively personal in its feel. Their song writing is of the highest quality, both open and yet interpretable to whatever you need it to be. What’s more, their sound is that great new blend of Electronic and Rock that it allows itself breathing room to become something more than just your average Alt Rock band.

Made up of Max (Vocals) Julien (Guitar, Piano, Programming) Charly (Guitar), Tim (Bass) and Kazu (Drums), these five push the great depth of sounds to the limit. Small sounds from the programming that feel like great emotion droplets over the heavy, evocative Rock music. It’s hard to maintain an integrity in a sound when the main goal to all musicians is to be heard. MERGE mange to keep their core, you understand them from the off, and yet they are in every way a band people from all walks of life can get on board with.

MERGE come from Paris, which is not, it has to be said, the home of many a well-known, deep, Rock outfits. However, with MERGE‘s efforts, it won’t be long until people are recognising them as one of France’s great exports. Over the past four years, the band have released an EP, Transmission, and full length album Elysion. These records have moved the band from strength to strength, shifting them to touring and playing with many, many bands including LA DISPUTE, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, LIMP BIZKIT, ENTER SHIKARI, ARCHITECTS and many more. They’ve also played Groezrock Festival in Belgium, with some pretty big names. All in all, their relentless efforts should show a dedication and drive that is what makes good music great.

After their latest tour with OUR LAST NIGHT and BEING AS AN OCEAN through this summer, the band are on the brink of releasing their second album Ineffable, which is the best point to jump on to this band, with their strongest material to date. A genuine force with a genuine sound, MERGE are a band you really need to check out before 2016 is over.