Nightwish to release live DVD package ‘Vehicle Of Spirit’

After embarking on a world tour for a year and a half, NIGHTWISH are set to release their live DVD entitled Vehicle Of Spirit, which will be in shops from November 4th.

The DVD captures the band performing to large crowds at London’s Wembley Arena and Ratina Stadion in Tampere, Finland, during their Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour, as well as lots of bonus material.

Nightwish DVD

NIGHTWISH keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen explains the reasons for selecting those particular venues for the live DVD:

“I would say the main part of the DVD are those two shows, both Wembley and Tampere. Wembley is mentioned first due to its recognisability and legendary status. I remember the show being very special, both a goal achieved, and a starting point. The crowd was heartwarming. The presence of Richard Dawkins on stage was just mind-blowing. The overall experience was a once-in-a-lifetime thrill ride! The show in Ratina Stadion, Tampere, was a home crowd specialty (for 4/6th of the band) with the biggest stage production we’ve ever had. A lovely atmosphere throughout the concert, with many same faces in the front row as there were 15 years ago. Heartfelt.”

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