TRACK REVIEW: Descending Angels – Feel My Heart

Descending AngelsWORDS: Alexander Naylor

DESCENDING ANGELS, the rock quartet from Nottingham UK, have released 2 singles: Feel My Heart and Things I’ve Become. This band is relatively new to the scene after founding in early 2015 but are already making a name for themselves in the local area. This band is an interesting mix of heavy metal and hard rock influence but they definitely make it work by combining melodic hard rock riffs and heavy metal style drumming.

Feel My Heart is the first single the band released back in March, originally as a demo and then released in April as a single. As a whole, this song sounds vaguely similar to something BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE could have brought out back in their heyday. The guitar work is fantastic in this song, the onslaught of melody is impressive and guitarist Ash Wilson is to be congratulated on his huge range of techniques and excellent soloing. Kiaran Hegarty’s drumming in this song switches between the galloping IRON MAIDEN-like rhythms and something more similar to EXODUS with its blast beats and thrash-like rhythm, showcasing his undeniable talent. The bass work in this song is adequate but is hard to hear in the mix, but it does its job of adding depth to the guitar riffs. The vocalist of DECSENDING ANGELS, Lexi Black, has an interesting vocal style that sounds slightly similar to ALTER BRIDGE vocalist Myles Kennedy but also has the feel of a gothic rock vocalist with his somewhat operatic quality. As a first single, this is a fantastic song.

Rating: 7/10