Decrepit Birth are recording album no. 4

DecrepitBirth2010a Technical death metal act Decrepit Birth have finally announced that they are recording their fourth studio record. Five years since the band’s last record, 2010’s Polarity, the band have finally announced that they are in the studio recording the follow up to the critically acclaimed record. DecrepitBirthStudioPic According to the band’s Facebook page the band have stated: “Some good news! Our guitarist Matt Sotelo is currently finishing up all the guitar tracking for the new album! We will enter Private Ear Recording studio in Winnipeg, Canada to track drums later this Summer! Bass and vocals parts will also be tracked this Summer. Keep an eye out for in studio video updates! Also, we will have full album details, including track listing and album title for you guys soon! So keep checking back for updates!!”

Distorted Sound Magazine will continue to bring all of the details of Decrepit Birth’s new studio record as they unfold.