TRACK REVIEW: Descending Angels – Things I’ve Become

Descending AngelsWORDS: Alexander Naylor

DESCENDING ANGELS, the rock quartet from Nottingham UK, have released 2 singles: Feel My Heart and Things I’ve Become. This band is relatively new to the scene after founding in early 2015 but are already making a name for themselves in the local area. This band is an interesting mix of heavy metal and hard rock influence but they definitely make it work by combining melodic hard rock riffs and heavy metal style drumming.

Things I’ve Become is the second single from the band and was released soon after Feel My Heart in May. This song definitely has a different feel to their first single, it’s much heavier and darker in terms of guitar riffs but it’s also slower in pace and more akin to doom. The vocal style is the same as in Feel My Heart so, nothing to complain about here. The guitars are a whole other story however. While this track has the same melodic sound used in the first single, all of the riffs are a lot heavier and there’s an unexpected but much appreciated breakdown in the middle of the song which is always pleasant to hear on a hard rock/heavy metal track. Oddly however, the drums seem less technical on this track with a lack of blast beats and a more typical ‘rock’ sounding beat being used.

As a whole, Things I’ve Become is the stronger track out of the two with its heavier sound. It will be interesting to see whether DESCENDING ANGELS continue to get heavier as time goes on or if they stick with the excellent mix of rock and metal influences. Regardless of the musical direction the band goes, they show extreme talent and when they bring out an EP, it will no doubt be superb.

Rating: 9/10