Visions of Disfigurement reveal album information

Mancunian death metal outfit VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT have revealed new information surrounding their debut full length record!

The band have been hard at work crafting their debut full-length and now, VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT have revealed the album title, artwork, track listing and release date for the record! Titled Abhorrent Extinction, the band’s debut record will be released on August 24th.

“We spent quite a long time deciding on the concept of the artwork as we wanted it to be something personal, but also looks great that everyone will get” says drummer Ben Quinlivan. “We’ve spent nearly an entire year writing and recording this record and we’re all really happy about how it’s turned out! Hopefully we’ll get the same reaction when it gets released!”

The artwork for Abhorrent Extinction was created by Pedro Sena – Lordigan and it can be viewed below along with the record’s track listing.

Visions of Disfigurement - Abhorrent Extinction

Abhorrent Extinction Track List:

1. Fecaluria
2. Clitsnipper
3. Forced Urophagia ft. Chris Butterworth (CREPITATION/KASTRATED)
4. Spontaneous Cumbustion
5. Excremental Carnal Discharge
6. Miscreation ft. Robb Clark (FALLEN APOLLO)
7. Abhorrent Extinction
8. From Clit to Crack
9. Decrepit Expatriation
10. Necrotic Cranial Fornication

VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT will perform at this year’s Bloodstock Festival on The New Blood Stage.

For more information on VISIONS OF DISFIGUREMENT like their official page on Facebook.