WORDS: Laura McCarthy

The tone of music that strikes you with it’s depth while still feeling accessible or universal in its themes is one that few dare to venture making, and fewer still manage to actually master with any success. This cannot be said of PALM READER, a band with heart and passion that execute their music with great realization.

The quintet from Woking are made up of Josh Mckeown, Josh Redrup, Sam Rondeau-Smith, Andy Gillan, and Dan Olds. The genre the band describes themselves as is Lairy- this appears to be a mixture of something between hardcore, metal and punk. It’s truly atmospheric, raw and evocative music, with a huge amount of emotion. Lyrically powerful, and vocally there is nothing held back, whilst the musicians keep a fair amount of their energy in the details of the massive onslaught of battered drums and heavy bass and guitar.

Constantly delivering variety in tone across their music while keeping consistently themselves, PALM READER are as deserving of your time as bands such as GALLOWS, CANCER BATS, MACHINE HEAD and BRING ME THE HORIZON. There are elements of all these bands within the collective of PALM READER, while the band manages to create an authentic sound and image of their own. Maintaining a strong image as well as creating a distinctive sound is a must in upcoming bands, and with these boys hold their own in both categories.

While the latest album Beside The Ones We Love is out both in download and physical format, which gained a great support critically on its release back in April, PALM READER also have their self-titled first album from 2012 and a single to download for free. In terms of live performance, the band have just seen themselves around the UK with EVERY TIME I DIE, with very positive responses. As animated on stage as their music warrants, these guys tick every box for those looking for music that means business. While shows seem to be on the down-lo until the New Year, new music with this much passion and drive cannot be ignored and such a talented bunch of guys will not disappoint.