ALBUM REVIEW: Evolution – Once Human

California melodic death metal enthusiasts ONCE HUMAN caught everyone’s eye as the band that resurrected producer extraordinaire Logan Mader (Ex-MACHINE HEAD, Ex-SOULFLY) from his decade spanning writing and performance hiatus to pick up the guitar once again in 2014, they are due to release their sophomore album Evolution via earMUSIC on February 10th and its safe to say he hasn’t lost a step as he unleashes a torrent of riffs leaving no fret unturned.

Once Human were not afraid to be experimental with this effort as they jump between high tempo shredding and discordant groove ridden hammer blows which would give the current tech metal scene a run for its money. Despite the seeming lack of stylistic consistency, which is by no means a negative, one element remains evident throughout and that is Lauren Hart’s feverish intensity providing powerful, bone shaking growls with the odd dabble into melodic verses as the album progresses.

Evolution gains momentum very quickly and this is instantly evident with the previously released ferocity of Eyes Of Chaos but it is the latter stages of the album where they really begin to shine. The punishingly rapid onslaught delivered in Dark Matter sees ONCE HUMAN dive deep into the well of death metal brutality and conceive their own unique brand of hellspawn. Drain on the other hand witnesses the band take an entirely different path submerged in down tuned, jabbing riffs and quirky time signatures.

ONCE HUMAN are a band that are seemingly unsure of what musical direction they want to take but their diversity displays that they are more than capable of providing a robust array of tracks which will assuredly grasp your focus with the alluring intricacy and consistent enthusiasm on show throughout Evolution.

Rating: 8/10

Evolution - Once Human


Evolution is set for release on February 17th via earMUSIC.

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