EP REVIEW: Anchored – Bury The Traitor

With an abundance of brand new metalcore acts being picked up on the radar, it is more vital than ever to stand out from the rest. This is where BURY THE TRAITOR step in. The currently unsigned five-piece hailing from Derby are due to release their first ever EP, entitled Anchored on July 29th. With five new songs in tow, BURY THE TRAITOR are keen to make the next step into the public domain with an earth-shattering debut EP.
Anchored wastes no time with infiltrating the speakers. King Of Nothing kicks off with a cascading flurry of guitar notes akin to The Poison era BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, only with added brutality as witnessed by the roaring vocals of Oli Loewenbach. The overall production is gritty, which aids the ferocity of the lower ended instruments, particularly James Cordall’s rapid-fire kick drum. There is a natural flare within King Of Nothing, which is full of an unexpected maturity, which is a phenomenal feat for an unsigned act. The groove within the breakdowns adds a memorability to an aspect of song-writing which can become over-saturated if done badly.

Downfall takes its time before erupting into a metalcore frenzy. Layers are added after the guitar riff comes full circle which creates a minute-long suspense. Downfall takes BURY THE TRAITOR’s heaviness to the next level, with a bone-crushing hardcore influence which will be circle pit inducing when played live. Lead guitarist Scott Day’s solo towards the end of the track counterbalances the brutality of the track with a hypnotising, melodic guitar playing which helps Downfall reach its logical conclusion.

Torn Apart is demanding of attention straight from the offset with its pure relentlessness. Torn Apart is a showcase of BURY THE TRAITOR’s influences being brought into light. Add the groove of CANCER BATS to the piercing screams of WHILE SHE SLEEPS and that’s the foundations of the track. There is also an evident TRIVIUM influence, particularly within the clean vocals. However, BURY THE TRAITOR make the array of influences their own with their unique twists and undeniable synergy within the band.

At Sea is the calm before the storm, as heard by the waves in the background and the tranquil guitars. Something is brewing, and At Sea provides the perfect gateway into the final installment of mayhem.

After the interlude which stood at just over a minute, Shores is the final display of BURY THE TRAITOR’s talent. The six minute epic is a testament to the metalcore scene, as well as the reason why the Derby act should take their music to the next level as soon as possible. From start to finish, Shores displays the finest components of BURY THE TRAITOR and showcases what the metal scene needs; a refreshing band full of energy with innovate and merciless music. Shores comes to its climax with iconic, catchy backing vocals and a steady decline in tempo.

BURY THE TRAITOR’s Anchored displays the band’s willingness to take their music to higher heights. It is a stunning debut and provides a great insight into how the band will progress in the future. With a few minor tweaks to an already impressive formula, BURY THE TRAITOR will soon be the name on everyone’s lips.

Rating: 7/10

Bury the Traitor

Anchored is out now!

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