FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Impericon Festival

Celebrating the best in hardcore, metalcore and deathcore, touring event Impericon Festival has grown into one of the must attend events for the alternative community in Europe and the UK. Returning to Manchester, the only UK  date of 2017’s edition of the festival has a condensed but bolstered lineup of some of the finest bands in the scene and ensuring who to watch can be tricky. So, let Distorted Sound break down the lineup for the UK edition of the festival so you will be fully clued up on who to watch at Impericon Festival!


Set to kick off the day’s action, Leeds based hardcore troupe HIGHER POWER will bring a flurry of raw and gritty riff barrages and adrenaline-inducing carnage to kick off the day’s action. With the band set to release their debut full-length, Soul Structure, in May Impericon Festival will serve as solid platform for HIGHER POWER to make a statement of intent to the UK hardcore scene.


One of the more melodic bands on the lineup, Welsh alternative outfit CASEY are bubbling under the surface and Impericon Festival could prove make or break for the young outfit. Still in support of their well received debut, Love Is Not Enough, which was released last year, CASEY are sure to bring an emotionally charged performance.


British metallers NAPOLEON are set to continue their upwards rise in popularity with a slot at this year’s Impericon Festival. Still riding high on the success of last year’s debut record, Newborn Mind, the band are becoming a force in the alternative world. With their performance at this year’s festival; expect a flurry of bending riffs, dual harmonics and soaring choruses that should showcase why NAPOLEON are one of Britian’s hottest new exports.


One of the heavy hitters on this year’s lineup, BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL have roared back onto the scene after a period of being in the wilderness. Returning with their explosive new album, In Dark PlacesBRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL have reaffirmed belief in the band’s ability to provide an onslaught of riffs, breakdowns and above all else; carnage. Their performance at Impericon Festival is hotly anticipated as the band set to reclaim their throne in UK hardcore.


With a solid live reputation and a hard-hitting debut record under their belts, BROKEN TEETH are becoming a driving force in the modern UK hardcore scene. Through solid grooves, relentless breakdowns and Dale Graham‘s venomous vocal lines, BROKEN TEETH‘s performance will get the adrenaline pumping in an instant. That and with the UK date for Impericon Festival serving as a homecoming show for the hardcore outfit, expect BROKEN TEETH to incite chaos from start to finish.


Now 11 years into their career, Australian metalcore outfit IN HEARTS WAKE demonstrate why the land of down under is a hotbed for heavy music. With three albums under their belt, most recently 2015’s SkydancerIN HEARTS WAKE have a wealth of material at their disposal to display in their performance at this year’s festival. That, and a strong live sound, the Australian metalcore outfit will surely make a positive impact at Impericon Festival.


One of the most recognisable names in modern metalcore, MISS MAY I have continuously built their name up to become a band that sits comfortably on the international stage. With a whole host of material in the band’s back catalogue and their musical style firmly rooted in the characteristics of their genre, MISS MAY I will provide a performance that will sit comfortably with those in attendance. Expect dual guitar harmonies, a barrage of unclean vocals and choruses that will soar and have people singing in full volume.


CARNIFEX have graced the stages of Impericon sponsored events for years now. With previous appearances at both their festivals and the touring Never Say Die Tour, the deathcore mob have an established and respected reputation in the alternative community. Still in support of the excellent Slow DeathCARNIFEX will bring a performance that is gargantuan in volume and impact. Hard hitting lyrics executed in guttural style from frontman Scott Lewis and a host of guitar trickery and earth shattering breakdowns, CARNIFEX aim to whip up a storm at this year’s event, and given from previous experience, will most likely accomplish so.


Certainly the most emotional and though-provoking band on this year’s lineup, BEING AS AN OCEAN‘s interesting blend of melodic hardcore will lead to a captivating performance at Impericon Festival. Fluctuating boats of aggression fused with clean and hair-raising moments of melody and tranquillity and lyrical subjects that are as poignant as they are relatable, the American outfit will surely deliver a performance to be remembered.


Marking the first UK show with iconic frontman CJ McMahon back at the helm, headliners THY ART IS MURDER will deliver a performance that, surely, will be nothing short of explosive. Pummelling riffs, haunting lead guitar play and rhythm that replicates a hurricane, THY ART IS MURDER‘s style is as intimidating as it is adored in the metal community. CJ McMahon oozes charisma on the live stage and with him again fronting the band, THY ART IS MURDER are ready for a resurgence. For a band who has a crushing style and intense live atmosphere Their performance at Impericon Festival should be one to remember.

Impericon Festival UK Final Lineup

Impericon Festival 2017 will take place at Manchester Academy on April 17th 2017. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

For more information on the festival, like their official page on Facebook.